Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Color Me Flustered

So, I designed a TARDISy fabric on Spoonflower because I am a big fan of all things TARDIS for my home. Doctor Who, and the lovable TARDIS are probably some of the best things ever developed by the BBC (which owns all of the concepts, I'm just a fan artist who loves creating things that make people's lives a little geekier).

But, here's the problem, I have this The Doctor's Ditsy fabric which I love. It's dark and full of stars, and looks cute as just about everything. My friend over at Brooke Van Gory Designs, who makes super spiffy custom bags, clutches, diaper bags, wet bags, and sundries,  even turned it into a clutch for a really happy owner, but that's when it was brought to my attention that for some prints, Spoonflower's  Old Color Profile and the New Color Profile DO NOT TRANSFER WELL.

I never dreamed that such a simple design with so few colors would have been drastically affected in this manner, but nonetheless, check it out.



See the difference? Yep, the background. The one printed in the OLD COLOR PROFILE is a nice strong dark blue, the one printed in the NEW COLOR PROFILE printed up a funky dusty purple color.

So, long story short, I'm working with Spoonflower to find the best replacement colors, and until that date, always pick the OLD COLOR PROFILE until it's all straightened out. 

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