Monday, October 01, 2012

Quick Costume: A Guide for the Halloween Impaired

1. Old globe + masking tape + old jacket- you are Atlas. 

2. Draw on a 3rd Eye with Makeup. Done.

3. Fluff your hair up, wear too many sequins, smear on some orange face paint, and talk with an overblown "Joisey" accent all night.

4. Zipper glued to your face (use washable glue stick for the quickness) leave it open over part of your face and smear red lipstick (or fake blood if you've got it) over the open area. Creepy "human suit" accomplished.

5. Wear all of your purses and backpacks at once. You are a pack mule.

6. Put on your fancy schmancy-est clothes and a sneer. Wear a "Hello my name is" sticker which says "The 1%."  I promise, America remembers.

7. Way too much makeup. You are now Tammy Fae Baker.

8. Bedsheet Toga. Double props if you tell people you're dressed as the Emperor Winston Churchill.  (Obscure Doctor Who reference, don't worry, it works if you say you're a Roman too.)

9. Take off your wedding ring and go as a Spinster.

10. Navy, Baby Blue, Red, and White clothes, same colors in face paint. Paint your whole face and wear a label that says "Hope."

11. Dust baby powder and glitter on your skin, go as a creepy Sparkly Vampire.

12. Draw on gills- you're a fish out of water.

13. Draw tally marks all over your arms and face. Put eyeliner on a lanyard. Act like you have absolutely no idea what anyone's talking about when they ask what your costume is. (Again with the obscure Doctor Who reference.)

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