Friday, September 07, 2012


When I was young, my mother made lists of chores- sweep and dust, vacuum and put the dishes away, hang and wash, mop and fold; each day work toward a cleaner home. Now, I am the parent. This means I am the one tasked with finding jobs, even little ones, to involve my children in being a part of home, a citizen of the home, a contributor.
With my daughter, any task I can adequately explain is fair game, though frequently met with derision or mutiny. However, my son is young and has serious limitations.
So, what do you suggest for someone little who can't handle chemicals or sharp things?
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2 reflections:

Wildgirl said...

My son's job used to be pulling wet laundry out of the front loader and stuffing it into the dryer. I had forgotten all about that... that's a cute memory seeing the top half of his little body disappear into the washer to dig out every last sock that was pressed against the drum...
Also giving them a lightly damp rag - either with water or vinegar - and having them wipe off table tops or the floor (so you still have to do it again - but they get the idea ;)).

Slee said...

I recently found out that my son and his cousins were crawling into the dryer. Not good.