Monday, March 21, 2011

Hey baby, that's my bag.

Yesterday on Facebook, my friend Brooke, of Brooke Van Gory Designs was talking about taking comparison shots of her three different sizes of diaper bags to help people decide which they want, or rather, covet.  (I still covet another, even though I bought one.) She joked about how much you could fit in the upsized, and I joked that I could fit my whole toddler in there.

Of course, this led to me trying to fit my whole toddler into my BVG.  Fortunately, he was in a semi cooperative mood.

Check out her size reference post here, in which she featured a picture of the JabberWalky in her upsized expedient weekender.  It's educational.

For some more shots from the impromptu photo-shoot, keep looking here.
"You want me to ham it up for a picture? Sure!"

"Aren't I cute?"

"Look mom, squirmy!"

I think you can definitely call this bag "toddler tested, toddler approved."

1 reflections:

Beaufulah said...

Ridiculously adorable. I love that thing he does with his hands in front of his mouth like "Oh, BLISS mama! Bliss!!"