Thursday, April 08, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Covet...

Covety covet covet covet covet.
That's how I'm feeling. Right this second. I'm feeling COVETY.
What do I covet? A Brooke Van Gory diaper bag.

Have you even seen a Virgin Mary Diaper bag before?

I've had the covety bug for her work for a while now, but in late February Snapdragon and I were invited to her son's first birthday party, where they played and I got to meet Brooke IRL, who is, by the way, a billion times cooler in person, which kinda floored me, because she's awfully awesome online.
Anyhow, while I was there, I was N-O-S-Y, and being such, I had to check out her work first hand because I had already long coveted it. (Seriously, what's not to covet? She customizes everything, goes out of her way to source her materials from US manufacturers, not just US suppliers, and is to the point that only one little piece comes from elsewhere, and it's Brazil, if I remember correctly.)
Now, fully expecting to be a little disappointed, I started examining things like seams and tiny details. Much to my dismay, I wasn't disappointed. I was impressed. Particularly by the sturdiness and attention to detail. Brooke's work is fabulous, and I'm a bit of a workmanship snob.

I'd also read that she made the best diaper bag for cloth diapers, and after seeing them, and handling them, in person, I can definitely see that. They're sized just right for your cloth diapers without being overwhelmingly bulky or cumbersome, and she has the most ingenious wet bag design ever. I do believe they're the best diaper bag for cloth diapers. Which brings me back to COVET!

So now I'm all covety. More covety.
I spend a ridiculous amount of time looking at fabric trying to decide what I'd want on the front panel if I can ever buy one. I pester Brooke with my silly ideas "wouldn't this be an interesting combination of fabrics?" She's probably sick of me! But how awesome is it that you can get a diaper bag that is EXACTLY what you want instead of the one that is the least not you, or the most you-ish of the currently popular designs?
Even Rocky the Zombie bags! How freaking awesome is that!?


Anyhow, why am I telling you I feel so covety? Because misery loves company.
Go. Look. Covet.
Better yet, don't covet, buy one, then send me pictures of it so I can oogle at them.

But seriously, I'm saying this because I normally get over my coveting pretty easily when I see something else that's nifty, but I haven't come across anything nearly this nifty in terms of diaper bags, not even the one with the drawer thing. So I sit and covet, and covet... and covet.

Disclaimer- I was not at all compensated for telling you how covety I'm feeling. If I was, I wouldn't be feeling so damn covety, now would I?

13 reflections:

Anonymous said...

seems like someone is trying to get a free diaper bag.

Nikki said...

LOL!!! I love it! I love Brooke's bags too - can't wait to get mine!! As soon as I get it, I'll definitely post so you can covet also... ;)

Anyonymous: Even if that were true, so what? Ha!

Anonymous said...

well if she really valued the wahm she'd buy one instead of passively begging thru a blog entry. just sayin.

Pshouseblog said...

Wow, it seems like anonymous must be a goody goody who
always buys handmade products That they admire and is also rich enough to snag them quickly without saving for any period of time. Also, I agree they're hot bgs and I don't even like diaper bags. Hope you get yours soon :)

Hippie Witch said...

very cute! Now I want one too!

taylorUSMCwife said...

Ooh, meeee too! I look at her swatches and think about what I would want. They are super cute. And then she posts a custom on FB and I rethink the color combinations! I keep telling hubby we NEED one and then he reminds me that I have a perfectly functioning diaper isn't as cute though!

Sidenote: I am all for having and an opinion. Criticism is cool and all but don't hide behind your statement. Thanks folks! =)))

Slee said...

Seriously? Brooke is a friend of mine & I'm planning to buy one of her bags when I can afford one. If I were begging, I would do it like this :please please pretty please give me one."
In much the same way a person might blog about the house of their dreams or the nursery they'd like, I'm saying what I covet.

If it has the added bonus of driving more traffic to my friend's site, then it's all good.

And before I get all high horsey here, a lot of bloggers I've met don't write about products they haven't been given to review. When I'm writing about stuff I like to write about what I like, even when I'm not being compensated because I like to see WAHMs I heart do well and like saying "hey, I'm not reviewing this, but it's rad."
I'm not sure how that's begging.

taylorUSMCwife said...



Amanda said...

Love the post! And I hope your DH reads this and gets you one for Mother's day! :) Hint hint wink wink dear Slee's DH!

Mindy said...

I've posted about Brooke's bags too because I think they are gorgeous! Even if I can't afford one right now, I want my readers to know about the creative work of WAHMs I admire! I've been working to slowly but surely highlight products or stores I love - even if I can't purchase from that right now - because I think it's cool to give a shout out like this. You are definitely not alone in coveting these gorgeous bags. :0)

Tori said...

That is the most use of the word Covet I have ever seen in any blog post ever :) Love it. Off to covet for myself....

Blue Moon Girl said...

Since my first comment got eaten, I'll try and reproduce it, but I'm sure it won't be as awesome the second time! :o)

I totally understand your covety-ness (probably not a word, but I don't care)! I seriously heart these bags. I was kind of hoping that they weren't as cool in real life, but you just had to tell me that they are! Now I REALLY have to get to saving my pennies so I can get one! I don't even care if I can't get one until after I don't need it as a diaper bag! They're just awesome bags!!

I like the idea of getting hubby to get me one for Mother's Day. I think I'll have to accidentally leave this post open on our computer for him!

Anonymous said...

Mine is being made now.... got it with my tax return only way i could pay for it.. but i would of found the money lol....