Thursday, April 08, 2010

Too Much Time Tweeting

Hello, my name is @fentonslee, and I have a problem.
That's the first step, right? Admitting you have a problem?

Let me explain.
This week, Spouse, Snapdragon, and I are on a business trip which involves a few days in St. Louis. Well, it occurred to me that I have a RL friend who lives in the area, and one good "tweep" in the area too. So what do I do?. I start the FB and Twitter hounding so they'll entertain me while I'm here.

It gets worse.

First, I go to my RL friend's house. We're having a lovely time, a lovely TALKING TO ADULTS TIME, which is priceless, but in the back of my head I'm thinking "why did I leave my phone in my diaper bag? I can't tweet without my phone." I know, you're shaking your head in disdain, but it's not just me. At some point she picks up her laptop and quickly updates her Facebook status and then says something about Twitter. Apparently she's addicted too, so I grab my phone and now I'm following her.

Then I was meeting one of my tweeps, @HeathensHearth, for the first time in real life. You might know her from her Etsy shop.
First, let me say, she's awesome. But that's not the point.
We sit down to eat, and Snapdragon is wearing @crossbones_inc handmedowns, and then I mention how the day before he was wearing @crossbones_inc handmedowns that were actually @RockerByeBaby's kids' before that.

Then she notices my diaper bag. "Is that a @HautTotes bag? I like the bandanna fabric." "Yes, it is, but I'm hoping to soon be able to get a @brookevangory bag, because they have pockets and zip closed and have longer straps."

So then I pull some felt food out of said bag for Snapdragon, "this is @MomaLoveBug bacon."

And so it went. The @HygeiaKate expressed milk bottle holding his cheerios... the @GroBaby diapers.

It's like when things grew a ".com" only now everything has an @.

Yes, my name is @fentonslee, and I have a problem...
not that I'm looking to solve it.

Do you have a problem?

4 reflections:

Carrie said...

That is HILARIOUS!!! So true that our lives are becoming more and more entwined with the Internet and social networking.

I'm @Miss_Scarlett99 btw, a follower ;)

Nikki said...

LOL!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I only wish I had more IRL friends that actually did more social networking!!!

Mindy said...

So funny! By the way, I am jealous that you have a Haut Totes bag. Sometimes I feel so guilty because I meet all these awesome women online and love their products, but I just can't afford them all right now. I still want to get to know them and support their work. I always hope they understand. I think I'm starting to get out of giveaways and reviews a bit for this reason because I don't want to always be asking for something. That being said, some of my RL friends and family think I'm crazy for talking about tweeting or blog friends.

Slee said...

Yeah, I like the exposure of giveaways and reviews, and I do read reviews of products before I consider buying, but have been moving more to the platform of being approached as opposed to approaching, because I really want to be more than cheap advertising for the great WAHMs and other awesome businesses, and I don't want them all to think I'm buttering up to "beg" as some people have been calling it. That said, I don't know what I'd have done to diaper Snapdragon without the giveaways, and therefore I truly believe that the reviews we do play a role in driving business to those who sponser them. Feel a blog post coming on.