Friday, December 31, 2010

My Review of the Hammaka hammock chair from CSN Stores

A while back I told you I was going to let you know how I liked CSN Stores, remember?  I was talking about  home improvement and renovating our garage and turning it into a living space?
Well, it turns out that our renovated garage is turning into Mongoosine's bedroom, and so it doesn't need any barstools, but it DOES need a chair.  Because she had enjoyed hanging out in the hammock Sky Chairs at the Renn Faire so very much, I decided to order her the hammock chair by Hammaka for Christmas this year, and she absolutely LOVES it.

It was a super good deal, only costing $50, as opposed to the $100 we had been looking at spending on the same type of chair when she fell in love with it at the Faire this summer.

And the Hammaka one had arm rests. Oooh, fancy shmancy.

Here's the review I left on the product's page, in case you're wondering.

Originally submitted at CSN Stores

Sweet Swingin'
By Slee from IL on 12/31/2010
5out of 5
This was the perfect Christmas gift for my tween.
She loves to lounge in it and read, or spin in circles.
I love that it was easy to assemble and is rated for up to 350 lbs, so I don't have to worry if she and a friend are being ridiculous and piling on, or if the baby wants to sit on my lap in it.
It was super easy to assemble and install (so long as you know where your beams are if you don't have a special contraption to hang it off of) and even with her jumping up and down over spouse's shoulder, it was less than a 10 minute assembly.

The only downside was that spouse thought it smelled a little weird coming out of the box, but since it has wood dowels, I think that smell he was referring to was "wood."

I bought this for Mongoosine's Christmas present using a gift certificate provided from CSN Stores a while back, and it was the perfect choice.

In other news, they shipped super quickly and everything arrived in great condition.
My only irritation was the box the item came in is the box in which it was shipped, meaning that had she beat me home, she would have seen the box and been able to tell, from the picture, what was in it.

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