Friday, December 31, 2010

My Review of Ride-Ons Tikes Patrol 30th Anniversary Edition

Do you remember forever ago when I was waxing nostalgic about the joy of sitting at a vanity and pretending to be a princess and going on about the importance of imaginative play?
Well, I promised a follow up review of CSN Stores and something imaginitive, and then I got indecisive. There was too much to pick from, but *finally* I settled on this fun police car for JabberWalky.  You can read what I said about it on their site below.
He freaking loves it.
Merriest Christmas present ever.

Originally submitted at CSN Stores

Now this kid-powered car has a whole new look.

  • Tikes patrol 30th Anniversary edition
  • Fabric ears for softie play
  • New features include removable floor and a handle on back for parent-controlled push rides
  • Designed with...

Favorite Toy
By Slee from IL on 12/31/2010
4out of 5
My son sits in this car for meals now. He loves it. We have run into some trouble with getting him out of it when we have to go elsewhere, but for a 19 month old, it's heavenly.

I am not giving it five stars because the assembly is horrendous.

I ordered it partially with a gift certificate provided by CSN Stores for the purposes of a review.  It was definitely the best choice I could make for him, except, as mentioned in my review, that the assembly is horrendous.  
Spouse was so upset at one point in the assembly that the whole thing almost went straight to the garbage, but once he managed to fix the assembly error (and he's pretty dang handy, so I'm going to agree with all the other reviews and say that it's just a difficult assembly) then it went together correctly and works just peachy.
I was a little frustrated that like other large items, it arrived without any masking plain brown paper so that the contents were readily viewable, in color, on the box.  Franky, it's hard to hide a giant car box that shows up on your porch from a toddler when he's always where you are.

Nonetheless, I would definitely recommend this toy, and I was super pleased with how quickly it shipped and how easy it was to order.  All in all, a positive experience.

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