Friday, November 19, 2010

Doctor's Visit: Follow-Up

Remember Mr. Didn't Want To Go To The Doctor Pants?

The fussy whiny one?
The almost 30 word speaking, even though they only cared if he had 5 words one?
Mr. walks forwards and backwards, goes up and down stairs, runs, climbs, recognizes pictures of things like balls, tries to help mommy pants, otherwise known as Mr. Developmentally Spot On Pants?
Yeah, well, he went to the doctor and started screaming the moment I started undressing him.
He didn't stop except for when I was nursing him.
He tried four times to climb off the scale and the nurse just wrote down what it looked like.
The problem with that was, it was grossly inaccurate, such that the doctor came in all panicked that my 18 month old light weight had allegedly lost four pounds.  You know, when they're supposed to be gaining?
So after a much screaming, crying, trying to get away filled nightmare of a time, we determined that mommy could get weighed, then pick up the boy boy, so we could do some math and derive his weight.
Yes, he's on track, but he was not a happy camper.
At all.
At all, at all.
He was so upset that the doctor was surprised and said that if he wasn't feeling his regular happy self in two or three days, to bring him back.
Well, since then he's had a little diarrhea and has barely eaten. All he wants to do is nurse, and I'm okay with that, other than his new penchant for giving me a TSA pat down while he's nursing. That has made me say that I'm very glad that we didn't wean him early like so many people have pressured us to do.  I don't know what we'd do if he was feeling sickly and didn't have his favorite means of nourishing and comforting.
In any case, he slept most of yesterday and today seems to be just chipper. He has a bit of a runny nose, but when do teething toddler babies not have runny noses?  So I'm not too worried about that.
My biggest concern is how much he hates going to the doctor.  A friend recommended that I procure a toy doctor's kit so he can get used to the idea of the various equipment, like stethoscopes and the ear scopes.
Any other advice on making the trip to the doctor's office less traumatic?
Or, do you have a doctor's kit you love and want me to know about before I start seriously looking for one?

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