Friday, November 19, 2010

Shopping for Spouse

I have a problem. I have like 30 billion ideas of what to procure as Christmas presents for almost everyone in my family. Except my spouse.  He's in sales. He spends a lot of time in and out of meetings and still carries his brochures in a back pack.  I've tried to replace it with a slick leather briefcase, but he doesn't want to use one.  He should, but he doesn't. I've tried.

He needs a new wallet and belt, but how many years in a row can you give someone the same thing? Seriously, we'd be going on year... how long have we been married?  Year seven. Year seven of a belt and a billfold. I have to come up with something a little better.

Nice, but is it nice enough?

It's hard. He's not the sort who asks for things.  On the one hand, I could get him a billfold, all tried and true.  It'd be easy, convenient, and since CSNstores is sponsoring a review, I could get him a nice one. But on the other hand, I keep spending way too much time on their website, since they have over 200 stores of goodies to look at. With how hard he is to shop for, I've been spending most of my time looking at the really rad toys, lunchboxes, aprons, and bakeware.  Is there a way I can convince Spouse that a nifty new giant cupcake baking pan is really for him?  Or maybe that TARDIS cut out I mentioned before?

So I start wondering, maybe he wants a nice pen set?  Or a scarf?  Shoes? My usually plentiful ideas for a DIY Christmas always seem to dry up when it comes to buying for Spouse.  Looks like we might be heading for a belt and billfold Christmas again. That said, he usually shops for me at the local gas station, so I won't feel too bad. You know, except for the ridiculous amount of time I'm spending staring at the CSNstores websites trying to narrow down all the radness into one perfect gift.

I suppose I better start looking at power tools, since he's already told me that pajama bottoms have been done into the ground as well.

Stay tuned for a follow up post where I can tell you more about their selection, customer service, and what my selection process finally was in figuring out just what to get that man for the holidays.

So, what would you buy your spouse?

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