Friday, November 19, 2010

Fan Girl Friday - Fabric Rosettes of Whovian Goodness

I made a TARDIS blue pretty for my hair! on Twitpic
I made a pretty TARDIS blue fabric rosette headband to wear.  I took this picture at about 1AM, so don't hate on me for lookin' all tired n stuff. K?
But it's TARDIS blue, and I love TARDIS blue. Because they're rosettes, they're all spirally, like a time vortex, and you know I love me a time vortex.  
I got the idea from BabyBabyLemon on twitter when I asked what I should get my aunt for her upcoming birthday. She said she was in love with the designs by AlloraHandmade (whom you should follow on twitter, because she's got a giveaway at 1k followers), and I checked them out and found them to be radtastic.  Sadly, not quite up my aunt's alley, but right up mine.  
Of course, if it's not TARDIS blue, and none of hers are, I need to make one that is, right?  So I said to myself, "self, that is something you so can rock, especially since your paypal account is in the middle of the tedious verification process, you can't just up and say "aqua is close enough."  Also, I don't know about you, but I get a certain amount of giddy out of making something myself.
So, I googled "fabric rosette tutorial" and found these gems, though none were exactly what I was looking for.
 Ultimately, I pooled what I'd learned from reading them and from years of playing with scrap fabrics and started making rosettes.  I also made some radtastic black jewelry out of some, but that's not very fangirl, now is it?
Now to try to do a great big Eye of Jupiter one. Ah, Battlestar Galactica, how I miss you.  Ooh, maybe a cylon inspired necklace too. ;-)

But yeah, I'm still thinking of buying some from the woman who inspired it all anyway, just because sometimes it's nice to have something someone else put love into. 

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