Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Bake Off

I'll be baking all morning, but first, why not blog a little?

We weren't planning to have a proper Thanksgiving meal today. Our extended family celebrated a week and a half ago due to travel plans, and it was a lovely gathering. However, yesterday the four-year-old announced that it wasn't really Thanksgiving if we didn't have turkey. I'm sure there are some vegetarians out there who beg to differ. But, this means pulling together a last minute meal.So, I'm bringing the stuffing, the potatoes, the cranberry sauce, and the Abomination Pie.

This year I'm halving the recipe on the Abomination pie, making two, and putting one in the freezer for Christmas.  Good news- Aldi and my usual grocer carry non-Nestle pumpkin. Go options!  That said, I'm also considering trying an apple abomination one of these days. Mmmm. Apples.

Also, when I made my cranberry relish for a week and a half ago, I also set some aside in the freezer, which I'll be cooking into a sauce today. Mmm, yummy orangey cranberry sauce.

Potatoes should be easy, just slice potatoes into slices, start a roux, add milk and cheese, then boil potatoes for a bit in said sauce, pour in a baking dish and cover with another layer of shredded cheddar and colby. Bake for an hour, easy peasy.

Stuffing? No prob. I'm all about the box on this one.

All in all, it should take all morning, but nothing is going to be too hard What are you cooking this year?

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