Friday, November 15, 2013

Easy Peasy Orange Squeezie Cranberry Relish

It's almost Thanksgiving, especially for my house. Because there are a few snow birds a couple generations up, we're celebrating early this year. That said, November is a busy month. There's NaNoWriMo, the reviews I am working on for We Do Write and Biblivoracious, holiday shopping, and by shopping I mean sewing, and finishing up winterizing the garden (oh, my poor exposed roses!) and keeping up with the kids' activities. Long story short, I decided I'm not devoting an entire day to food prep for early Thanksgiving, especially considering that we're still planning standard Thanksgiving with the other side of the family.  So, I'm bringing the Cranberry Sauce, well, really it's a yummy cold relish. Easy peasy, orange squeezie.

Orange Cranberry Relish:
You'll need:

1 8 oz bag cranberries, frozen or fresh. I prefer fresh
1 small orange or 2 clementines - if I use the small orange I zest it, then peel the orange and split into sections. If I use 2 clementines, I just cut them down into a few strips each, still in their peels.
2 T turbinado/ raw sugar
fresh mint for garnish

Put sugar, oranges, and cranberries in food processor. Puree until the consistency you prefer. Decant into a decorative serving dish, cover, and pop it in the fridge to keep cold until serving. I like to slice the mint for garnish and set on top. It looks nice and adds a pop of unexpected flavor.

Orange Cranberry Sauce:

You'll need the same ingredients

If you like the orangey cranberry goodness in sauce form, instead of just pureeing it all together, you can add the zest and juice from the oranges to the cranberries and sugar in a sauce pan and simmer for somewhere in the neighborhood of 17 minutes. The cranberries will lose their structural integrity and it will make a nice somewhat thick sauce. 

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