Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Sustaining Growth

Sometimes your garden gets too much sun.
Sometimes you spend months nurturing your flowers, and vegetables, sometimes you spend years nurturing your perennials or succulents only to watch them wither under the unrelenting sun of a long heat wave and extended drought.
I personally have been struggling with keeping my garden well watered, full well knowing that the burning rays of the sun were, at this point, doing more harm than good as the mercury lingers in the triple digits and the rainfall is many inches behind.
Yes, I've let my grass go. I don't care, the heat can have it and when it's over I'll consider planting my yard with useful vegetation. Seriously, why do we spend the majority of our yards on growth we can't even eat?

In any case, I have been particularly worried about my mother's plants. Situated on a south exposure porch of her home, they get about sixteen hours of sun each day, this time of year. Yes, I said sixteen. Every day they've been looking a little more exhausted this week. I was planning to recommend moving them today, but it turns out, my mother is brilliant.

When I arrived on her porch today, bearing one humble zucchini in return for mooching off of her home's vastly more efficient internal cooling system, I saw that she had taken a splash of ingenuity and mixed it with a pinch of resourcefulness and created a perfect little shade for her container plants.

One bungee cord plus one umbrella equals much happier plants.

Could your plants benefit from some bright shade today?

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