Friday, July 06, 2012

Solar Cooker Challenge

Yesterday my mom saw, on Facebook, that our cousin had taken a frying pan outside and fried an egg. Yes, it is that hot here.
This, of course, led to us wondering why none of us are using Solar Ovens, especially when it's too hot to turn on the conventional oven.
Like any good internet addict we priced them. Yeouch. They can be a little pricey. So, we discussed building one, but we weren't sure which plans to use. This led, as all things seem to, to my mother and aunt's competitive spirits showing up. Therefore, next Wednesday we are having a solar cooker challenge. We have just under one week to build our solar cookers and next Wednesday we'll be having a biscuit bake off to see whose works best. We'll also be rating them for ease of use and portability.

I'm going to win, and here's why- you're going to help with all your best solar cooker suggestions.

So tell me how to build the best solar cooker/oven with readily available pieces parts.

Thank you and wish us luck!
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2 reflections:

Wildgirl said...

So funny to see this - I forgot that one of the summer projects I wanted to do with my son was make a solar oven and bake cookies outside! Thanks for the reminder - I'll have to get busy looking for plans again. :)

Slee said...

I need to reassess our plans. Mine was a near total failure, though it would have worked well as a greenhouse.