Monday, June 04, 2012

Out my Kitchen Window

When selecting a home for my garden, I wasn't only concerned with light, I wanted to make sure that it was somewhere I could enjoy it. This particular raised bed runs a full 20 feet along the side of my garage, but only one window from my kitchen looks out on it. As a result, I decided to put the prettiest of my plantings, the roses, right where I can see and enjoy them from the house.
What good is it to plant a beautiful garden if it's only beautiful on days you can be outdoors?

So here's my new rule: in planning the rest of my yard and garden, I'm going to be sure to mark out on my gridpaper planprecisely what can be seen from where in the house.

You don't even need a fancy tutorial for this. Just draw your lot and home on the grid paper. Mark in where your windows are. Now, standing inside in the places you will be viewing your garden from take not of how far in either direction you can see out the window as you slowly move through the space. Draw the lines of sight in on your grid map. The areas within these diagonals are the areas you want to design with an eye to how they'll look from inside. See? Easy peasy.

Now I'll get back to doing that for myself so next year's garden will be even more enjoyable.

Good luck gardening!

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