Saturday, February 05, 2011

Pink Saturday: Kids at the dairy

Halfway between Indianapolis and Chicago on I-65 there is a dairy called Fair Oaks Farms. It is perfectly situated to stop for the toddler's patience when traveling between the two.  There are times we've tried to skip the stop, but alas, it leads to immediate waking and crying.  It seems he's learned to schedule his naps around watching the brine room and snacking on samples of Gouda and Emmentaller Swiss.
The tween likes it too.  She likes to peruse their hilarious gift shop (Moo Shoe Pork stuffed animals for the win!)
It's a great chance to sit down, enjoy the moo, I mean, view, sip some hormone and antibiotic free chocolate milk (except the toddler, chocolate milk gives him diaper rash) and enjoy a few calm minutes in a community collective, talking about the economics of cooperatives, how the holes get into the Swiss cheese, or you know, whether the Doctor could go back in time with some fresh cheese, drop it off, and have it be perfectly aged when he wanted it.  Because we geek that hard.
The toddler likes it because he gets to nurse. Spouse thinks the dairy should have a problem with that because I'm competing by bringing another milk source in.  I'm pretty sure they like the family business more than they care about where the toddler's getting his milk.  The toddler also loves watching the films on how they make the cheese. One of these days I'm hoping we'll get a chance to take the full tour, including stopping by the birthing barn to see a calf born.

Long story short, stopping off tickles us pink. :-)

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3 reflections:

Angela said...

Looks like a really cool place to stop. Now I am hungry for cheese....

Slee said...

It IS a super cool place to stop. And their cheese is fantastic.

Cathy said...

It's a pleasure to meet you and share Pink Saturday with new friends.

Drop by and say hello and "follow me" on my pink journey.

Have a great weekend.

xo Cathy