Sunday, February 06, 2011

Madd Make up

Yesterday I happened to be sitting at the computer at the right time to notice that Madd Style Cosmetics was having a giveaway (a super complicated giveaway) for a full set of pigments. Um, hello? Yes, please!
Did I mention the super complicated part?
Ah, well, here's that bit.
Super complicated means that you had to opt in, tag someone, be tagged, and then get assigned by the party who tagged you/assign the party you tagged three to six colors and a theme for a sugar skull inspired look for them to create on no more than half the face, but at least one eye.
I was assigned white, pink, yellow, and blue in something super girly with hearts and flowers.

This is what I came up with.  

Noting the exclusion of black or green, I did hot pink (Young Blood with some Ben Nye bright blushy goodness) flower of traditional sugar skull styling, layered over a multi-yellow (Ben Nye creamy yellow and some scary unlabeled yellows I borrowed from the tween) sunflower with pink hilights, a couple hearts and polka dots in light pink. Eye done in Disco Biscuit, one of my favorite blues and Gothcupcake's Zombify- Police Box (also sold as TARDIS), which was also used for the lines. The white is Ben Nye creamy foundation.
I decided to go with the "phantom mask" or quarter face approach because it's girly, as commanded by Megan, in the mommy can kiss the toddler still kind of girly way, and because I think it rocks old school.

Just before washing it all off, after dinner (yes, I sat down to dinner this way, because it made me giggle) I decided to rough in a full half face, for giggles. I would have finished it, but without my glasses, I really can't see at all, and my glasses slide around so much I didn't want them smearing things.  But this is what it looked like roughed in.

This is with the glasses, since I wanted to see it before it had been washed off.
Of course, they ended up smearing the heck out of the details they're covering.

In any case, I had a lot of fun working on this, and the toddler thought it was funny and enjoyed sticking his little fingers in it.

He likes makeup.