Friday, February 04, 2011

Fan Girl Friday - Cosplay anyone?

When I 15, I got into the whole Renaissance Faire thing, which soon, or naturally, escalated into LARPing.  Costuming was fun, it was easy.  Chemise? Check. Corset of doom? Check. Skirts galore? Check. Old-timey boots of comfiness? Check.  Random sparkely shiny goodness? Check.
Easy peasy.
Want to add some magic? Sure, a wand, a staff, some amulety awesomeness.
Maybe a swordbelt and a sword?
Whatever floats your boat.

I never thought much about it. A nod to era and I was good to go.

HOWEVER, I have always wanted a Doctor Who Scarf. Specifically, a Season 14 Doctor Who Scarf. Why Season 14? Because it's the scarf from the first episode I ever saw, when I was a kid, watching with my daddy.  So then I was thinking, striped and long, and that's all that counts, right?
Well, the more I looked, the more I realized there were people out there to whom a precise replica meant a lot. For instance, they cared if you slipped the first stitch or not, what gauge of yarn was used to create it, and just how purple the purple is with relation to the taupe.

Then I started looking closer at costumes, thinking of dressing the toddlerpants as Eleven for halloween.
What kind of pants are those? Black right? Noooo, look closer- they're black skinny jeans.

Quick, what kind of shoes is he wearing? Hmmm?

Does it matter?  Is black pants with black shoes good enough, or does it have to be black skinny jeans with black boots?  Then how near in styling do the shoes have to be? Is any tweed jacket good enough, or should I start swatching all the candidates?  Does it matter what color that bow tie is?

I was thinking of doing something 'River Song-y" for Halloween as well, but is it enough to be in the general area? At what point is "in the style of" cool enough, and at what point does falling short of a precise reproduction (other than the sizing) just scream "I wish I was cool enough to call myself a cosplayer?" Does dressing in the style actually say "I'm not bound by cannon, so I can dress even cooler?"

I just don't know where the line between emulation and creepy copying starts.
Have a Four scarf you want to part with?
Er, I mean, thoughts?

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