Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cover It Up

Dear Wisconsin Board of Tourism,
I'm going to go out on a limb and suppose that you might have the ability to grab a lawmaker and say "hey, tourism brings in revenue, and I just found out that a very simple new hunting rule just might mean more people want to spend their time and money in our state... so here's what I'm thinking..."
And here's what I'm thinking.
Cover Your Carcass. *
If you have a gutted deer strapped to your truck, put a tarp on it.
An eviscerated deer, still oozing on the SUV, complete with gaping bloody body cavity, is violence, gore, and death, can be very traumatizing to witness, for drivers and passengers alike.
I don't live in Wisconsin, and after a short visit to your *otherwise* lovely state, and seeing over ten deer carcasses on the highway driving home, I found myself saying to my spouse, "do we have to come back here?"  Interestingly, he responded "I wonder how people would like it if they had cut up dead people on their trucks."  I was very surprised that even my spouse was upset by having to spend many miles right behind a red dead deer, with a large deep ragged hole where it's rump should have been.
I found myself slowing down in the hopes someone would pass me. When no one did, I found myself trying to speed up to pass the truck, and I realized it was making me make less safe driving choices than I usually did.  I realized that I was so uncomfortable I had forgotten all the fun we'd had up in the Coulees, and instead was just hoping I wouldn't get stuck behind another vivisected animal.
So here's a thought.  Have hunters toss a tarp over their animals.  It'll keep road dirt out of the exposed meat, and keep other drivers from having to focus their vision somewhere other than on the traffic in front of them.

Then less people who have often enjoyed spending time in your beautiful state will be thinking "maybe we should just spend the weekend in Chicago, less likely to see a bloody corpse."

I am not against hunting. I'm against having to look at gore while I'm driving.  I also would like to note that I noticed I wasn't the only driver who went out of his or her way to avoid driving behind bloody deer carcasses, and I wondered if it may have contributed to whatever driving errors led to the accidents which gave me the time to get irritated enough about the issue to take finger to keyboard.


*I know, I'm a huge proponent of the right o feed infants, at the breast, without a cover, and I argue "you don't like it, don't look," but I feel this is a very different issue.
Breastfeeding is natural infant nourishment, whereas a

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