Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Then

This year I thought my kidlet might get cold in his costume, so we opted for warm Superman sleeper pajamas over a set of skeleton pajamas and set out with the tween, spouse, my dad, and my grandfather.
That's right, three generations Trick or Treating together. We've been doing this since I was JabberWalky's age.  Every year we'd gather at my grandparents' house and then venture out into the neighbourhood en masse to share in some good quality grandparents time.
Grandpa hasn't changed much. He's thinner now, a bit slower, but his smile is just the same, as is his laugh when the littles get spooked by his neighbours' long planned shenanigans.
One year, when I was young, one of his neighbours had his friends hide in the bushes dressed as were-beasts, and they jumped out as we approached begging for candy.  This year his children had taken over the spooking. 
So much is the same.  I often was wearing a couple sets of pajamas for a costume, though the outermost layer of mine would be my prettiest flowiest gown in stead of the winter equivalent of Underoos.  Don't take that to mean that I didn't have my Wonder Woman ones on under all the princessy nightgownage, because I probably did.
So tonight, I felt a little bit like I was a tiny kidlet again, walking down the street with my Grandpa, rushing up to each house to exclaim "Trick or Treat," just like it was more than twenty years ago.  Halloween now is a lot like Halloween then, just, you know, Halloween then was then-i-er.

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