Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Sewing Sewing.

So I've been sewing a lot, trying to catch up on what spouse has lovingly nicknamed my "Monkey Business."

Wanna see what I've been up to?
Well, these two are what I finished today. They're my "Little Punks" measuring between seven and nine and three quarters inches in height.  They're tiny and fun.  The Sock Monkey makes me smile, a lot. The Bear even rattles!

Since I couldn't find a free baby sock monkey or sock bear pattern online, I decided to draft my own patterns, and there are a few things I'll tweak next time, but so far I'm pretty pleased with the way they've turned out. Now I just need to find a rattle tutorial so the bells won't sound so darned muffled.  They clink instead of tinkling. As a result of their very experimental nature they're even listed a little lower than I plan on listing Little Punks in the future.

So go and look, heart me, maybe even buy one, you know, because I'm being self promoting.

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