Wednesday, May 26, 2010

eShakti Review

So right now, I'm wearing this blue dress.
 It's, so far, my favorite dress for summer.  I got it from eShakti after they contacted me about doing a review.
I know, pretty, isn't it?  Mine has straps, because one of the awesome things about eShakti is that all of their garments are customizable. They can have things like the neckline, length, and sleeves altered, and all of their clothes can be tailored to your dimensions so that you can have clothes that fit and look just right for you.
That said, I wish I hadn't gotten straps on mine. I was really keen to have straps because I like to wear a bra, all the time, since I'm somewhat large chested.  That said, the wide strap option which I picked just aren't quite wide enough to cover my bra straps properly, and that the straps are about 2 inches longer than I'd like.  I find that I wind up tucking the straps in and wearing it braless anyway.  I'm actually planning on busting out my trusty seam ripper and removing the straps.

So that begs the question- why is it my favorite dress at the moment? Because it fits me nicely and is such a pretty blue, I adore the wild floral appliqué, and it's so breezy and comfortable. Also, because it's a smocked top, it's very easy to breastfeed Snapdragon while I'm wearing it.  See? And did I mention that it's nice a cool? Well, it is, and that's important since our A/C is dysfunctional. It's well made, and the skirt is fully lined so there is no need for a cumbersome or uncomfortable slip (which I never bother with) and you don't have to worry about the sunlight showing the whole world just what your legs are shaped like.  (Maybe I'm the only one who worries about that who doesn't like wearing slips?)

That was on Mother's Day.  Yeah, I'm wearing a shirt over it so it's not entirely visible, but I don't love wearing sunscreen when I don't need to, so I'm a fan of the lightweight cotton shirt.  

I admit, I had a lot of trouble picking from all the great clothes on the eShakti site when I chose this dress.  This was the runner up and I am very seriously considering ordering it still and calling it my anniversary present. 
Yes, that's right. If you hover over that image it says 
"You want to buy me for Slee..."
I'm not ashamed of that.

I mean, seriously? Gorgeous.   And again, it'd be nice and breezy and easy to put on and take off for these hot summers of changing clothes, going to the beach, and trying not to sweat to death.

Please don't get the wrong idea. eShakti isn't just peddling strapless maxi dresses of just the right length for your height. They have dresses of all lengths, pretty blouses and tunics, skirts, pants, and every level of dressiness from kickin' around the house caftans to polished evening dresses.  These are just some of my favorites.
I love how colorful this shirt is.
Could it be more Modern June Cleaver?

See? Pretties.

What you should know.  
They do have a stock of ready to ship items, but most of what eShakti does is made just for you.  To help you out they have a easy to use sizing chart with simple instructions to make sure you can supply them with accurate measurements.  
Their garments are made in India.
When it says cotton satin what it means is a nice smooth cotton, yo udon't have to worry about any weird sheen to the fabric making it feel too formal and stuffy.
They ship your custom order in 3 days.
They have customer support available five days a week, eight hours a day, and you can follow eShakti on Twitter.

You should also know that I've been meaning to write this review for quite a while now, but I've been putting it off because I knew that in putting up pictures I'd have to show you that darn stripey butterfly dress that I covet, and that I'd sit here fighting the urge to buy it.  

Bottom line?  If you have a hard to fit figure, I'd definitely recommend eShakti.  If you are a bigger girl and it's hard to find pretty things in your size, I'd definitely recommend eShakti.  I already have recommended eShakti to my mom, and you don't recommend things to your mom unless you believe she'll be happy, because otherwise you'll never hear the end of it.

So go, look, fall in love, and get something comfy that makes you feel good about being you, just the way you are.

Then come back and tell me what you like the best.

Disclosure: I got a pretty blue dress for free from eShakti so I could give you my opinion of their product and site.

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