Friday, April 09, 2010

Dangerous Smiles

The danger of smiles is that they're contageous. Especially those sweet slobbery baby smiles, complete with giggles.
Baby giggles have a nearly 100% infection rate. Exposure means certain contraction.

It seems there shoyldnt be a problem, rught?
But sometimes you need to not smile.
Sometimes that sweet drooling baby has just decided he's not all that thirsty anymore, but nonetheless grabs mama's nipple and instead of latching on, very deliberately bites, then looks up, smiles. And giggles.
This is when I try to make a sad face, say no, and remove baby from the breast.
But that smile, it's so contageous... And those giggles- they're so infectous...
How do I avoid sending the wrong message?

Dealing with babies who bite when breastfeeding is hard.

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4 reflections:

Sarah @ OneStarryNight said...

The only way I deal with the biting is to say NO BITING DEMON SPAWN, and hand him off to daddy.

Otherwise I may be trapped into sending a mixed message by smiling or laughing because he will also smile or giggle after biting.

mommygeekology said...

Gah! I have this issue Toto sometimes I can help but laugh even when they are being deliberately naughty!

Mamma Pie said...

Ugh, yes. Especially since she's our only only babe and we dont plan to have more, we *feel* inclined to let her get away with standing on my computer or smacking me on the leg (because she ALWAYS follows it with "no no! soft! no ouch! soft!" and strokes my cheek)...
Sometimes we take turns. One of us will be all straight faced for as long as we can and then the other will be sitting on the sidelines hiding their face laughing.

Slee said...

@MamaPie THIS! that is exactl how i feel.