Monday, January 11, 2010

The Great Fluffy Review: JamTots Berry Plush

The very first diaper I ever won was a JamTots Berry Plush.
The Berry Plush is marketed as an AIO, though it is really a cover with a snap in soaker. They are sized and side snapping. Ours has a hemp soaker with a Minkee top. The outside of the diaper is a very soft plush marbled, solid, or animal print Minkee, and is so very soft, it almost feels like a crime that he pees in it. The inside layer of PUL is reversed so that the laminate isn't against the baby, but rather the knit polyester is.

Snapdragon and the Fluffy of Doom.  on Twitpic
In all fairness, I have this triple stuffed for the sake of comedic-effect.

The Good:

I like the side snaps.
It has two different rows of snaps to adjust how sungly you want the diaper on baby's thighs and waist.
The soaker absorbs well.
I LOVE that the shell can be reused with prefolds.
I have successfully used the GroBaby bio soakers from The Natural Baby Company with this diaper.

The Not so Good:
It's not cheap. Just the cover sells for $21.85, with another $8.10 for the soaker.
Because the PUL is reversed on the inside, you have to be aware that it will wick moisture if left too long on baby. As with any cloth diaper, it needs to be changed every 2-3 hours, as it is somewhat more given to wicking than diapers with the less comfortable laminate layer facing the baby.

I have found the rise of the diaper to be somewhat short, but I have a huge baby. I strongly recommend measuring your kiddo's rise before ordering, bearing in mind that weight-based size charts have to guess at baby's proportions.
I do really like this diaper, but I feel it is too pricey for me.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review in any way.

3 reflections:

sunnymum said...

Love the picture! Hee hee!

Slee said...

thank you!

FD said...

I just googled a review on these and your blog came up, i'm new to cloth diapering and just purchased 3 of these with soakers for $35 (new) I figured it was such a good deal I might as well try them!
I'm now following, any help I can get with CDing I will take!
Great blog! =)