Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Great Fluffy Review: Gro Baby

A long time ago, Gro Baby was offering a fantastic blog promotion, and as a result, I got one of their pre-production shell sets, that which you see Snapdragon rockin' in the above picture. Since then we've also acquired a Vanilla shell.
Gro Baby diapers are a one size all in two option with a shell and snap in soaker. The shell uses a unique hook and loop closure and has a mesh lining to aid in quicker drying. The soaker is made of organic cotton, and it's thick. Gro Baby also uses a lay in doubler for heavy wetters.

The Good:
This diaper fits very trimly. Between our blackberry Gro Baby and our vanilla Gro Baby, they started cutting them a little larger, but it's still quite trim.
The shell can be used for multiple diaper changes so you need fewer shells than soakers, and can even use prefolds or some fitteds under the shell.
The hook and loop they use is super soft, so no scratchy edges rubbing on baby. This is the only hook and loop diaper at which I don't frequently grumble.
They offer snap conversions for $3.50 if the hook and loop isn't working for you.
The shell can also be used with their bio-soakers for trips and if baby is battling a diaper rash.

The Not so Good:
The soaker is a little smaller than I'd like. I want it to be just a touch bigger so it would do a better job of keeping poo-splosions off of the shell, because I'm lazy, and in love with reusing the shell.
The hook and loop can come undone.
The soaker takes FOREVER to dry. I mean, it's super absorbent, hence the time suck, but when everything else is dry, it usually has another day of hanging around until it's ready to go, and I'm not the type to run an extra dryer cycle for one item.

You can buy a Gro Baby shell set, for $24.95, just the shell for $16.95, 2 extra soakers for $16.95, and 2 extra boosters for $8.95, meaning you can get precisely what you need for the way you rock the Gro Baby, so despite the fact that they do cost more than the average diaper, I feel they're worth the investment because it's such a versatile diaper.

Discolsure: I was not compensated for this review at all, though if you want to compensate me, I could use some more fluff or a Magic Stick. K?

Edited to add, since writing this, but before it went live, I also have added a Mandarin shell to our stash.

6 reflections:

Brooke said...

**hands over a magik stick**

I am scurred to try these. For real. Re-using something that touches pee eeks me out.

Slee said...

lol. i like them nonetheless. like like like them. i use them a lot, and if you're actually changing ever 2-3 hours instead of pushing your luck at 4-5, then the inside doesn't get all wetified because the soaker is so absorbent. if i don't want it to get moist with the prefolds i generally use a prefold and a flat or a microfiber wrapped in a prefold, though those aren't as absorbent as the organic cotton soaker with which they come and are intended for use.

Upstatemomof3 said...

I love my grobabys. They are what Big Sister is now using during naps. Mostly because I am so sad that she will not need them much longer - so I am using them as our naptime diapers.I could see doing grobaby fulltime - but then I do not do anythign full time I have a little of everything. :)

Annie said...

I would love to try a Gro Baby! I have heard such wonderful things about them :)

I gave you an award on my blog! Congrats!

Jessie Kaitlin said...

I like the GroBaby, with the exception of the aplix. After awhile, it just doesn't hold up. I know they can be converted to snaps, but then there isn't that in between adjustment

joyfully gray said...

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