Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Great Fluffy Review: SunBaby

When my mom offered to buy me some cloth diapers when Snapdragon was born, she gave me a price limit and told me to find what I wanted. Well, I knew that I needed to make the absolute most of it, and as a result, I spent a lot of time researching types of diapers and reading reviews.
What drove me crazy was trying to find a review on the SunBaby diapers sold on eBay. Well, everyone was looking for a review and speculating, so now, 8 months later, after deciding it was worth the risk, I can tell you how I really feel about them.

I sometimes call them #faildipes.
I sometimes am overwhelmingly in love with them. It's a love/hate relationship.

Someone turned Snapdragon's bottom into a grape!!! on Twitpic

Snapdragon prefers undressing himself to putting his clothes on on Twitpic

SunBaby cloth diapers are a one size pocket diaper using microfiber inserts with three rise adjustments, snap closures, and a micro-fleece lining designed to fit a baby from about 8lbs to 35 lbs. They come in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, and Purple.

The Good:
Inexpensive. You can buy them now for around $8 per diaper, in bulk, on eBay.
The PUL is effective.
The fleece lining wicks moisture away from Snapdragon's tushie.

The Not so Good:
The leg elastic isn't nearly as snug fitting as any of the other cloth diapers we own, which has led to more accidental peeing straight out the side accidents.
Snapdragon probably weighed about 10 lbs before I felt comfortable-ish with the fit through the leg. I still do not use these for going out of the house anywhere where I'm worried about having to deal with leaks, because the leg gaps still happen more often than they should.
Some of the snaps were melted when I got these, and therefore, those snaps NEVER worked right. This meant that I had some diapers which would only be able to be used on the large setting, or with creative closures at the top. Because they come from China and return shipping would have been more costly than would have been reasonable, I did not exchange those.

Overall: These have been the workhorse of our stash, and they've done well enough for around the house, but I can't in good faith recommend them because of the snap issues we have had. As with anything on eBay, buy at your own risk, and you get what you pay for. That said, it is worth noting that there are some AWESOME Etsy WAHMs out there who might be able to replace any snaps that don't work.

2 reflections:

Upstatemomof3 said...

The biggest thing is that they did not just replace the broken ones. You should never have been expected to pay to send back a broken product.

Jenilee said...

Sunbaby diapers are a lot different now... if you still use diapers, I would highly recommend trying them again! :)