Monday, October 05, 2009


I am flabby.
No, really.
So today I promised myself that I would go back to the workout routine that helped me lose some 40 lbs in about as many weeks last year.
The basics of the routine involve swimming half a mile, more days than not, and some water pilates as feels good.
So I made it to the pool, and walked up to the edge of the lap pool. I haven't been in it in *months* because I'm a temperature wimp.
Well, I had put my big girl swim suit on, so I jumped in and started my laps. Alas, I was winded pretty quickly, so I settled for a quarter mile.
It's better than nothing, right?
How are you getting your baby weight off?

4 reflections:

Tiffany said...

I'm not :(

Slee said...

@Tiffany i wasn't, i kept going to the gym, sinking into the hot tub, and falling asleep. but today i decided that's got to be over, because i can't turn into my mom. Nope. No turning into my mom, dang it.

Carly said...

Breastfeeding was helping but now that I stopped I'm gaining fast. I need to do something soon! Good job getting started.

MommyGeek said...

Um, I'm not?