Monday, October 05, 2009

Less than Shiney

After sitting against his Boppy pillow and cute-ing it up for a while with the coo-ing and the chuckles, the gaah-ing and the dipthongs, I decided it was fluffy change time for one Mr. Snapdragon.
Bit as I went to cover his eyes for a fluffy change distracting game of peekaboo, I thought, my his head feels warm.
Mentioning this to Mongoosine, she rapidly danced off to the bathroom, returning with the forehead thermometer. They're not the most precise, but they sure are less invasive than a rectal thermometer.
The verdict? Between 100.4 and 102.5. The question remains as to just where.
So I'll be the non-sleeping worried-sick over sick baby type of mom tonight.
its amazing how much these kids own our hearts and how their mild siuckness can affect us.
I hope your little ones are well tonight.