Saturday, June 27, 2009

Maybe you could make a paperweight out of it...

I love to paint. You wouldn't know this unless I told you, because I haven't done a lot of painting in a very long time, but I love to nonetheless. I'm not claiming to have mad skillz, because I haven't, but I have a love of it, and that's what counts.
One of the things that for the longest time deterred me was the sheer cost of whatever support you're painting. Whether it's a stretched canvas or a gessoed board, art supplies of all shapes and sizes are costly.
I think it was this fact, coupled with my distaste for throwing things away that led me to start painting found objects.
A couple years ago I found some ends of 2x4s out in the garage that my father just had tossed aside after finishing a book shelf project for my mother, which served as a marvelous support for a Frida Kahlo inspired Mary Magdalene painting for a mail art project.

Of course, this got me thinking, what else can I do with these? It just occurred to me that Mongoosine and I have an art project coming up. She's going to make me some bookends, and I'm going to make some for my mom. Those shelves my dad made her could sure benefit from creative use of the leftover wood.
Do you have anything laying around your house that needs re-purposing? It's nice to know a little paint can take all sorts of things from waste-bound to aesthetically useful.

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