Saturday, June 27, 2009

Selfishly Green, again.

I'm at it again, telling you about the spifftacular giveaways that I'm not so sure I want you to enter, because I'm pretty sure I'd rather win! But, it's only fair that someone who reads my blog should get a chance at it, right?

So, The Cloth Diaper Whisperer has a great giveaway this week for Thirsties Covers, Swaddlebees Prefolds, and Snappis! I've always wanted to try Snappis, so i'm abundantly enthused about this.

Over at Cloth Diaper Blog there is a giveaway going on for a Kissaluvs Marvel One Size and a Cloth n Go Bag.

These both end on Friday.

Our Life Upstate has a giveaway going on for a Sweat Pea Diapers OS diaper, and get this, they come in a splendid punk rock Black, which I suppose you could also love if you're just a little goth too. Yay Sweet Pea!
They've also got a Monkey Snuggles Gift Certificate Giveaway going on, and that means you can get diapers, or woolies, and everyone needs them some wool love.

Yes they are all mine is giving away a Bella Bottoms one size diaper.

My good twitterpal @mom2chunkymonky is giving away a Smartipants diaper on her blog, Newly Wed, Newly Bred.

Me and My Boys is having an Apple Cheeks giveaway, and you've all read about how I fancy me some Apple Cheeks!

i just found a FuzzBbunz giveaway from Diaper Style too!

There's an AMP Cloth Diapers giveaway going on over at the Mom Buzz.

Look What Mom Found is hosting a Happy Heiny's One Size giveaway, sponsored by Itty Bitty Baby Bunz.

And though it's not diapers, I still think that these are kinda crunchy and good.
At Simple, there's a Peanut Shell pouch baby sling being given away, and I love me some good babywearing!
Lipstick to Crayons is also having a sling giveaway of a Slingaroo.

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Karen @ New and Green Baby Co. said...

Definitely check out the AMP diaper review. It is a great Canadian made diapering option. We love AMP products here in Vancouver!

Anonymous said...

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