Sunday, February 27, 2011

Review: Cutey Baby That's a Wrap!

About a year ago or so I had the opportunity to beta test a new diaper by a local Chicagoland company called Cutey Baby.  Since then, as the pattern has developed and the design has refined, my stash of Cutey Baby has grown via purchases and gifts and now includes their most recent perfection of their design, "That's a Wrap."  I now own 1 yellow, 1 tribal, 1 stripes, and now this cute plane one, having donated another to a family in need via Wish Upon a Hero.

The first day  this cute little airplane print diaper came, I failed diapering 101 and instead of washing it first, I just put it straight on his bottom.  You know, because I'm impatient. I was impressed with how the legs fit.
 He was impressed wit his ability to undo the Velcro closure, because that's how he rolls.  That said, he also undoes snaps these days.
He particularly liked the planes, because our family is a fan of planes.
Uncle getting ready to land after a looooong day of helping daddy get the landing strip mowed.  I was serious about our family liking planes.

So, as I was saying, I put the diaper straight onto his bottom.  And within 45 minutes, he was asleep.
So far I've used this diaper for naps, overnights, long car trips, and right now, nursing him to sleep while I type.

What you need to know:
Cutey Baby promises to make cloth diapering easy. Their motto is:
No soaking.
No sorting.
No stuffing.
No kidding.
And they aren't kidding.  
Check out how they work.  They're a PUL lined print shell with velcro tab closure. On the inside it stuffs with a suedecloth lined microfiber insert that you slip in through a center opening so that there's no complicated stuffing required.  The insert falls right out in the wash, so there's no creepy unstuffing.  CuteyBaby  also flushable biodegradable liners so that you don't have to deal with getting solid waste out of the diaper. They're also useful if for some reason you need a diaper rash cream.

The Good:
They're pretty ubiquitous these days.  You can order them from, or pick them up at a Cub Foods, Farm Fresh Supermarket, Savon, Albertsons, Jewel, or Acme Market.  Check out their availability here.
We've had no leaks, and that's what it's all about, right? NO LEAKS!
They're cute.  (This is also what they're about, right?)
Easy to use. No complicated snaps to figure out.
Sized, so no complicated adjustments to learn.
No unstuffing icky dipes.

One more time- they're cute.  I've even caught him hugging it.

The Not so Good:
Easy for the kid to take off (see picture two)- this may be a plus if you're approaching potty training.  Case and point. He started out nursing to naptime in his a moment ago, then he decided he didn't want a nap, and the next thing I knew, he was naked, even though he had sweats over the dipe....  how he got it off what that glove on is beyond me.  Little escape artist.
The waist is really made for a chubbier baby than my little bean pole.  They fit, but any skinnier and we'd have to go down a size, which means losing height in the back.
I'm not a huge microfiber or suedecloth kind of girl because our water is extremely hard and in the past I've run into trouble with these materials. I haven't run into trouble with these specific ones yet, but I'm nervous.

Overall verdict:
The only problems I have with this diaper are personal preference ones. Bottom line- it works and it works well.  The design keeps all the runny stuff in, so I feel comfortable letting him sleep as long as he wants in them without worrying that he's going to leak on his outfit. At 2 soakers for 10.99 and the wrap priced at 14.99, they're reasonably priced.
It's a solid dipe, the brainchild of a local woman, and easily available. If you're curious, I say go for it.

Disclosure: I received one That's a Wrap diaper to evaluate for this review.  My experiences with it may differ from yours.  That's why my experiences are mine, and yours are yours. Make your own choices, you know, because they're your choices.

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