Thursday, May 02, 2013

Little Boy's Garden Update

Mr. In Charge of everything decided about two weeks ago that he wanted his own garden. Around here, our last "risk of frost" is May 15th, so really, he was planting his garden a whole month early. That didn't strike me as the best way to introduce him to gardening. Walking out one morning to water your tender seedlings, only to find them decimated by deadly frost doesn't engender a lifelong love of gardening. So, with the help of his mother, he got to build his own miniature greenhouses. Because his garden was so small, it was easy.

Using scissors, I cut the bottoms off of empty two liter bottles which we settled into the soil around the seeds he'd planted and watered. Of course, we ran out of bottles, so for the rest of the garden, we found a clear plastic storage box that wasn't storing anything terribly pertinent. (Read: nothing a 27 Fling Boogie couldn't clear.) We overturned that to function as a greenhouse for the rest of his little seedlings.

Two weeks later, his sunflowers and carrots are coming up quite well. Sunflowers and carrots may seem like an odd combination, but he's not quite four yet, and that's what he wanted to grow, so who am I to say "no, you must grow something else!"

We'll keep you updated on how they grow, but so far, it seems like it's coming up quite well.

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