Monday, December 05, 2011

Ornament Swap II

Last year the ornament swap was a great success, and everyone who played received an ornament (and in some cases more than one, because a couple players were feeling the quantity last year, and that's okay, just unnecessary).

Last year my tree got TADISed. Love.

So join in, and have fun.

The Rulez-

Sign up by Wednesday, 12/7/11 and ship by Friday 12/16/10.  That will give your ornaments time to show up and be well loved and admired before Christmas, and give us all over a week of Christmas ornament rushing to get it made or bought to send.  Of course, you can start before you get assigned your "mailing" buddy.

Who can participate?  You can. Do you have a mailing address? You can play.  To keep shipping reasonable, I am going to try to arrange for people within a certain country to send to people in their same country, but if you're from the US and you've always dreamed of sending overseas, let me know you're open to international swapping when you sign up.

How Much Do I have to Spend?

You can handmake or purchase your ornament for the swap, and spend as little or as much as you'd like, so long as it is something you feel someone would treasure and truly appreciate hanging on their tree. 

My plan is to pair people up randomly and once you're paired, I'll share addresses amongst partners for the swap.

So, to sign up, you need to do the following.
Email me- fentonslee at gmail, the following info.

1. Name
2. Address
3. Blog URL (you don't have to have one of these, but hey, if I'm going to link up participants, wouldn't you want to be linked to?)
4. Twitter name (again, if I'm going to link up participants, wouldn't you want to be linked to?)
5. If you have a strong preference for handmade, say so. 
6. If you have a strong preference for traditional or non traditional say so. Like surprises? Let me know.

Then, when all is said and done, you can post a picture of the ornament you sent and recieved, and link back here, and I'll set up a linky so we can all see everyone's spiffy new additions to their trees!

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