Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Son's Hero

My two year old can tell you by sound alone if that engine noise is a truck, a fire truck, a helicopter, a plane, a big truck, a tractor a motorcycle, or just a car. He's usually right. I'm sure that soon he will recognize the difference between Freightliners and Mack trucks.
Of course, of all these things, he's most intrigued by motorcycles. When I announced we were going to visit grandma and grandpa, he immediately told me he wanted to see BaPa ride his motorcycle. He also said he wanted to ride BaPa's motorcycle.
That's right, he's convinced that he's big enough to ride.
I think it's gret that he looks up to his grandpa so much, but as a parent, I'm already worrying about the type of trouble a boy with a yen for motorsports and motorbikes can get into.
Either way, Bapa, the motorcycle man is his hero.
Who is your toddler's hero, and are you 100% behind what that means, or am I the only one feeling trepidation?
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