Sunday, July 03, 2011


The house is a mess. Something akin to an episode of hoarders.
The laundry isn't finished.
The dishes haven't been put away.
My broom glances at me accusingly from behind the dust bunnies.
The dog is shedding on the floor.
Dinner is not in the oven.
Treats for tomorrow have not been baked.
My desk overfloweth with clutter.
My bathroom looks like something from a horror film.
I can't see my sewing machine because the detritus of living is piled on top of it.
Windows are dirty.
Mirrors have tiny toddler handprints.
The potty chair could use a good detailing.

But some days, just some days, it's better to drop it all, go to the park, and let the toddler slide.

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2 reflections:

Sylkozakur said...

Well put! I, too, have a mountain of laundry and cleaning to do, but right now, but instead, I pulled out the water table for some fun-in-the-sun.

Vivien said...

Life is too short for cleaning and such! Playing is much more important :-)