Monday, June 20, 2011


Just before my son was born, I was working on a quilt for my daughter.
Here I had it all laid out on the bed, trying to decide just which colors would flow nicely into the others.

Sadly, I was placed on bedrest and I put it away.
Then, when my son was born, I became bizarrely paranoid about ironing with him in the room. What if there was a freak accident with the iron and he got burned? Well, certainly I can only quilt while he's sleeping then, right?
But laying out a whole quilt takes up a lot of space, and what if I accidentally make a mess? What if I loose a piece?
Well, maybe if I just work on it in parts while he's napping.
But he sleeps so much better if I nurse him down.... and then I want to lay there and cuddle.

You get the idea. The reasons compound.

Since then I've made more than 20 sock monkeys,



and other creatures,

 upwards of 15 dolls,

 at least 2 purses, 

one complicated hexagon quilt, 

eight blankets, 

three slings,

one pillowcase, 

and a couple hats, 

And some other odd projects of which I seem to lack photographs...

but I still have this UFO staring me down.

What sorts of projects do you have on hold, and what *really good reasons* are you using to convince yourself not to finish?

7 reflections:

morgaine24 said...

I have a sock yarn square blanket I still need to knit a lot of squares for. I have a lot of squares currently but need to weave in end and attach as well. so much to do one of these days Ill get there.

Cassaundra said...

first. that is a FANGORGEOUALICIOUS quilt! do you have a block diagram that you could share with me? PLEAAAASSSEEEE!
and....i have totally done the same thing. currently i have a stack of flannel for pyjamas lying in wait for me that has been sitting for well over a year. Tadhg was a "sneak-up-on-me" pregnancy and I wasn't feeling well with that, and then he came early, and he was sick in NICU for weeks and then DH left me and there you go. pyjamas ain't done.
i also had a big complicated quilt that i made for the oldest daughter. it ended up taking me three years to finish for the same reasons, laying it out took up my whole living room floor for several days. i did eventually finish it though! even while going to university full-time with a toddler to raise single-handed. it's all about how determined you are. and i have a feeling you're just as much of a stubborn determined sheer bloody-minded kind of "gal" as I am!

Slee said...

I don't have a block layout diagram. I used the monkeywrench pattern from for the basic instructions, then I messed around with placement extensively. I snapped a pic before putting each square's of pieces into individual pages of a catalog so I can recreate it.

Rachel said...

That. *sigh* Stopped over a year ago and the simplicity of it began to bore me to death. Did MANY other projects to 'take a break' from the monotony and now it stares at me from my yarn trunk every time I open it.

Evil, evil, stupid crochet afghan.

Slee said...

@Rachel that's a really pretty afghan. how big is it so far? Any chance you could just decide it's finished and call it a lap afghan?

Slee said...

@morgaine24, every time i want to develop the skillset to knit squares i find myself far too impatient!

Rachel said...

I really should. That's just the sample picture from the pattern, but mine is about the same size right now.
I just have this dream that ONE day I'll make a bed-size coverlet out of it!!