Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Bedtime Poem

A is for Another day that is done,
B, it is Bedtime for slumbering sun.
C is for Children tucked into their beds,
D is for Dreams dancing in their heads.
E is for Elephants, they're asleep too,
F is for Fun things, tomorrow, to do.
G, all the Glad times we've had all day long,
H is for Hugs, the night to prolong.
I is I love you, and love you a lot,
J is for Journeys in dreams in your cot.
K is for Kittens falling asleep,
L is for Lightning bugs counting their sheep.
M is the Moon high up in the sky,
N it is Night now, to day we say bye.
O, like the Ocean with tides to and fro,
P, all the People must to sleep go.
Q is for Quietly laying down heads,
R is for resting now, warm in our beds.
S is the Starlight that twinkles above,
T is a Teddy to cuddle and love.
U is Uncertain what dreamtime has planned,
V is for Vanishing into sweet dreamland,
W will Wake you when day does return,
X will eXcite you with what you will learn,
Y is for Yesterday, where this night will soon rest,
Z is for Zs, now get some and rest.

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kelly @kellynaturally said...

This is lovely! And we must be on the same wavelength! <a href="http://www.kellynaturally.com/post/Non-Religious-Bedtime-Prayers-for-Children.aspx>http://www.kellynaturally.com/post/Non-Religious-Bedtime-Prayers-for-Children.aspx</a>

Thank you for sharing. :)

kelly @kellynaturally said...

Whoops, way to go with the broken HTML.
Okay, this is better:


Slee said...

Thanks for the link, Kelly.