Monday, May 23, 2011

Legislating planning for the unexpected.

Kansas State Representative Degraaf,

I am saddened to read that on Friday, May 20th, you likened women being assaulted, raped, and impregnated, to something they should insure themselves against and plan ahead for, much like you carry a spare tire.

Firstly, this is sexist legislation. Men do not have to take out specific insurance for broken bones and gunshot wounds, in other words, treatment for the aftermath of violent crime. Yet, you want insurance companies to specifically not cover the gambit of injuries women might sustain if their bodies are violated.
These measures also smack of victim blaming. Saying "she should have planned ahead," implies that she should have reasonably expected her rights and her body to be violated. No, she shouldn't, and it is the job of legislators and law enforcement to create and uphold laws ensuring her safety, not make her pay extra in insurance costs and health care costs, which she likely can't afford, considering women still make substantially less than men.
Women deserve an apology, and your constituents deserve better representation.
Shame on you.

Slee Fenton

PS Please note this letter is being copied to my blog to publicly voice my disappointment in your attitude and legislative maneuvering to truncate women's rights and safety.

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