Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doctor, doctor.

Today was the dreaded trip to the doctor's office.
I may have mentioned it before, but my son fears doctor's offices and their staff in much the same way that the members of the Westboro Baptist Church fear gay people- irrationally, yet intensely.
I am happy to report that this time we made it through height, weight, and head circumference checks, as well as a plethora of developmental questions before he got clingy. We still managed to get lungs, ears and eyes checked before the full fledged screaming started.
I think all the time spent practicing using the tools of the trade at home have really helped. Investing in a doctor's kit was a good idea.
Sure, he still only talks to the nurse and doesn't want to look his doctor in the eye, he probably still remembers how many times his pediatrician asked if we were sure we didn't want any bits lobbed off his penis at birth. I might want to do a little screaming too if someone suggested similar for me.
Nonetheless, only the last 10 minutes involved screaming and tantrums so fervent he changed color. I am going to call this visit a success.
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