Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sewing- The Cool Kids are ALL doing it.

Just after the Academy Awards the other night, Tom Hanks was on Jimmy Kimmel, Season 9, Episode 20.  If you find it streaming online (currently available on Hulu, as well as on ABC, but as you know, I'm not in love with them at the moment) there's a cute bit about being a pageant/stage dad, and you get to see him "sewing."  The bit starts at about 29 minutes, and if you want to catch the seamstressing, I mean, if you want to catch Tom Hanks sewing, it's at about 30 min 30 sec in.
Or you could enjoy this screen shot, because lets face it, that's why you're here.

What I can tell you about this- the machine is a Singer, in case you were wondering, and if Tom Hanks can pretend to sew a pretty pink pageant dress, there is no reason for me to not make myself a sun dress. Anyone else feeling inspired?

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kelly @kellynaturally said...

That WAS a funny clip & I love Tom Hanks - he's cute. So is his son. :) Is that really his daughter in the clip - she's adorable too.

Okay, and now I wish I still had my sewing machine.