Thursday, January 13, 2011

Questionable Service

I used to be a waitress.
I was, I like to think, a good waitress. I made the occasional mistake, annoyed the occasional customer, but the mistake I ran into last night,which seems to be the most common one, I made a point of not making, so no one is getting sympathy from me on this one. Especially considering how slow business was while were there.
At a table of 6, you'd think at some point, the waitress would check back to see how the food was and whether or not anyone needed a refil. But no, we were there nearly two hours of eating and not a single glass of water was refilled. No one was asked if they'd like another glass of wine. No one was asked if everything was good, but I was mistly irritated about the water, since I go through a lot of water and left the dining establishment full yet parched.
Had I been paying, it would have affected the tip. My brother was paying, so I have no idea. Nonetheless, it's not that hard to offer more water to a table of people eating salty restaurant food.

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Slee said...

I know, we're not supposed to complain about crappy service, and we were there a while, but like I said, it was nearly dead in there (4 tables taken, likely due to inclement weather).
Yes, I'm whiny much.