Friday, January 14, 2011

On Dolls and Joy

I love doll making.out of
I truly do, but every so  often I am making a doll with every intent to list it in my Etsy shop, and my son gets a hold of it, hugging it with warmth and glee.
(bizarre sidewaysness compliments of Blogger, who uploaded it that way even though the file itself is the proper orientation...)

Then I am faced with a decision. Let him play with it, which means it's his doll, or take it away (and he's gotten good at saying "bye bye, nigh nigh" to the dolls who have to go into the drawer of "for listing") and put it out of sight, on the notion that some other small child will love it as vehemently as my little toddler boy.

Have you ever run into this problem? What do you do?

2 reflections:

GreenPunkMama said...

I used to have that problem with Gavin and the felt food, sure he already had 5 tomatos but he always wanted more, and sometimes I would let him have them. There are some times where I had to get the item mailed out so there wasn't time to make a new one and I told him I wasn't done with it... Maybe you can pick out something totally his favorite style and colors and make him one of his own? Maybe sort of match his awesome dinosaur?

Slee said...

That was my plan, and I'm looking forward to the fabric I ordered to match his dinosaur getting into my little hands. I hear it's already home, but I'm not, so I'm still being patient.