Monday, January 03, 2011

Doing Her Hair: Doll hair tutorial roundup

I admit it, I am doll-hair challenged.
I like to make rag dolls and sock monkeys, but every time I start a new one I google "how to make looped hair for rag doll out of yarn" hoping I'll find a new tutorial that makes it all fast and easy peasy.  Yes, I know, not the best search term. Now I'm working on writing my own because I think I've settled on a technique, but until I finish ironing out all my details, I wanted to share with you a quick compilation of a few tutorials that I find particularly easy to understand and helpful.

Doll hair tutorials-

Stitch n Stuff shows you how to make a loom for creating doll hair of the right length every time. Love this.

Crafty Sheep's super easy to understand Waldorf Doll hair tutorial. I've used a similar method many times for Sock Punkies.

Time consuming but spectacular results child friendly doll hair method for ponytails from bybido.

April Ort's method to crochet yarn hair. Super easy if you're good with a hook.

Charmingsbycmh's fun Raggedy Ann style hair, done without loops.

Do you have any other doll hair tutorials which you have found super helpful? Let me know so I can add them!

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