Sunday, January 02, 2011

Best of Friends

My son decided to play a trick on me the other day.
While nursing for nap time, I noticed something felt a little off, and then I heard him giggle, so I glanced down. Low and behold, his new best friend Rory (because he RAWRs) was nursing, and JabberWalky was very pleased with himself at his joke.
Rory, the first toy I've ever nursed.

Naptime with Rory

After a year and a half of not having any one toy that was any more important to him than any other, he's found a best friend.  Of course, who wouldn't love a dinosaur from SPACE?! Not just a dinosaur from space, a super cute and cuddly dinosaur from space!

I bought him from Stella Grace Boutique on Etsy. She does brilliant custom work. You can also check Stella Grace Boutique out on Facebook.

Of course, this means I have a few choices. I can order another just like it, you know, for when Rory wanders off or is irreparably damaged, I can order more of the fabric he's made from for future patches, I can accept the inevitable and mentally prepare to just someday have a surgered and interestingly patched dinosaur, or I can accept the more long term inevitable and know that someday when he ruins it or loses it there will simply be a lot of tears.

With Mongoosine her best friend was a DW doll, and DW has had a few surgeries, as has her nighttime cuddly Lamby plush.

How do you handle best friends? Stash a duplicate or hope for the best?

4 reflections:

The Coats Family said...

We have a dup of Will's taggie which is his must have bedtime cuddle. But Mac's baby was a handmade gift from my sister-in-law's mom and I haven't had the heart to ask her to make another. But Mac isn't as sentimental as Will so i'm thinking if Baby did get lost, we could slip in a replacement. Maybe...

Violetsouffle said...

T's little favorite baby is a very small, vintage doll we picke up on a whim in a Thrift store in Dublin. So replacing her is pretty much an impossible task. I've replacedher soft body multiple times already as she wears out FAST and put a small tag on her that has our name& email addy. It's the best I can do, really.

kelly @kellynaturally said...

I WISH I had a backup for DS' lovey, which he chose on his own around a year ago. Because... it's actually MY lovey that my husband brought to me in the hospital when DS was born. The poor thing is getting pretty ratty at this point, and I'll feel so sad if we lose him.

Slee said...

I am thinking we'll be going the surgery route, but last night Rory was all wet from baby kissing on him. He even has Rory give night night kisses to mommy and daddy now. Apparently Rory has to kiss daddy, then "rawr" him though. lol.
Either way, increasing my paranoia ever so slightly.