Sunday, November 14, 2010

This is not enough.

This is not enough.

However, the new TSA guidelines which involve what is more and more commonly being referred to as molestation and groping are completely a violation of basic human rights.

So first and foremost, stop flying. I know we can't all stop flying, but I do know that I can.  I am not going to set myself up to be sexually assaulted. And don't tell me that just because they are supposed to tell you what they are going to do that it's not molestation or sexual assault, as you've been stripped of the right to refuse consent. (Arguably you can say, "heck no, don't touch me, i'm not getting on the plane anyway, screw my ability to get home and the money I spent before I knew that buying a plane ticket was entering a genital fondling lottery," but arguably, in the moment, most people are going to just be shocked at what is going on, taken aback, and too busy worrying about how to get through the moment than coming up with alternate travel arrangements.)

So, please, rehearse this before you book your flight.


Name - get the name of the party who will be performing your search. Write it down or repeat it over and over again while they're doing it.
Options - Ask if there are any alternatives such as full body scan. (I am going to try to find out what happens if you just say "No."  In any other scenario, you have the right to not have your genitals palpated.)
Document - This is the tricky part. Enlist someone, even a stranger if you are traveling alone.  Hand them your phone or camera and have them photograph or film what is done to you.

It is not enough. It won't stop them from feeling your parts, possibly undoing years of therapy and requiring another series of trips to the therapist, but if they violate the law while molesting you, you have their name, you have documentation, you can take legal action.

Me? I won't be flying. I won't be letting my children fly. No form of transportation is worth it to me.

As a side thought, how does that work if your job requires flight? "No, I'm not going to sexually harass you, I'm just going to require that you frequently put yourself in a position to be sexually assaulted."

Seriously, TSA, this is across the line.

2 reflections:

Led About Mama said...

It all sickens me. We have to fly in January, and I am just hoping and praying this doesn't become an issue. DH says that with the very circuslike atmosphere that accompanies our family at airports, he doubts they will do anything but shove us through, as they usually do.

Slee said...

yeah, the possibility of flying down to visit a relative for his 80th birthday was recently floated, but i am not going to fly.