Tuesday, November 09, 2010

How weird is that?

If I too a picture of my bed right now, you'd see a king sized mattress on the floor with two child or baby sized blankets on it, and one lightweight double bed sized comforter, a remote control, and my pajama bottoms.  Hence me not taking a picture.  I'll give you a very slightly tidied up picture instead. You know, because you don't need to be staring at my PJs.

But what's missing?
Maybe I should mention that this is the bed my 18 month old and I sleep in.
There are no toys.  There are no pillows.
Ironically, he loves pillows.  I just find them stressful with him in the bed.
Last night I woke up groggy and disoriented to find that we were laying sideways in the bed.  Without a headboard or pillows, sometimes it gets hard to tell which way we're facing with the lights out and yes closed.
Where is spouse?  In the adjacent room on a twin sized bed, complete with a twin sized comforter, a king sized quilt, and four pillows.  Yeah.  That's where most of the pillows went.
Don't worry, he's in there because I can't tolerate having the television on at night when I'm trying to sleep, and sleeping with the kidlet makes it hard for him to actually rest, so it's a good for now compromise for us.

The truth is, we put JabberWalky in his own big boy bed, and he was okay with it. He'd sleep there the first half of the night, and then he'd come cuddle into mommy's bed.  I wanted the space back, and I like having my cuddly little sweet boy right where I can hear him breathing.

Who wouldn't want to snuggle this?

So, is it weird that we're all pillow-less and floor bound, or is it just right?
I think it's just right.

What's on your bed?

2 reflections:

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I have a bed. We got my kids full-sized beds, so that I could sleep with them if need be. My nights are spent wandering from room to room as I'm needed. Sometimes, I pause in the hallway and think to myself, "My husband has a room, my daughter has a room, my son has a room, and I am a woman without a country."

But for right now it works, so I'm running with it.

Slee said...

That's a great idea about full size beds for the kidlets. The tween's a bit old for it, but when we really big-boy-bed jabberwalky up, iwill consider that!