Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Picture Parade!

Zombie Fairy.
She did her own makeup. I was impressed.

She even borrowed my punk tote bag.
 "I didn't get a punk tote bag!"
"Grandma, I didn't get a punk tote bag, and then this red blob swallowed me, digesting me down to just bones!"
"I think it was more fun to be just bones than to be a scary dragon."
Apparently not even a wagon could make up for the silly thing on his head.

For more picture parades of what all went down this Halloween, check out the SitsGirls blog.

3 reflections:

LenaLoo said...

Love your kids costumes! Too cute! Coming to you from SITS Halloween Linky Parade!

Jessica said...

Very cute, we have the skeleton pj's too!
Stopping by from SITS

Slee said...

Thanks for stopping by!
I love the skeleton pjs best of all!