Thursday, November 11, 2010


When I was in high school, my German teacher, Frau K., made a huge deal about the Carnival season, which starts on 11/11 (today) and culminates on Shrove Tuesday.
Her interpretation, and therefore my interpretation of said dates are not up for debate at the moment. I don't care if they're wrong, I just love the idea that today kicks off the next few months of living it up and enjoying yourself.
So, I would like to propose, for you, that tonight we all set the table festively, and do something fun, even though  it's a school night.
Daughter and I will be going out for ice cream sundaes after rehearsal tonight, even if it puts us home ridiculously late, because the Carnival season is all about living now. So by golly, we're going to live now.

So party it up. Make those Shirley Temples to go with dinner.  Serve chicken strips AND lasagna because everyone has their own favorite. Have dessert, even though it's just a Thursday.  DVR Gray's Anatomy and instead do some wild and wacky karaoke with the fam.  Wear your glitzy jewelry that you have absolutely nowhere to wear without feeling ridiculous.  Hula-hoop in the living room and don't be afraid to put that tutu on.

Do it.  Make tonight a Carnival night. Make it special.

Easy-peasy-lemon-squeasy decadent dessert of special occasion only goodness-

One half of a package of premade chocolate chip cookie dough (not Nestle' though, because we're boycotting them)
Favorite icecream
Whipped cream
Hot fudge or chocolate sauce topping
Caramel topping
A spoon for each family member.

Preheat oven per cookie dough instructions
Take one pie tin or glass pie plate (glass will look nicest) take half the package of pre-made cookie dough and mush it into the pie plate.
Pop this in the oven for about twice as long as the instructions, you know, because it's one huge cookie.

Remove from oven, quickly scoop icecream onto giant cookie (still in pan) top with whipped cream, drizzle with sauces and toppings.

Serve by setting on table and encouraging everyone to just dig in.  If you're afraid of germs or can't imagine your littlest one not burning his/herself on the hot pie plate, you can divvy it up, but it's so much more fun to share.

Optional- toss some nuts or toffee bits on it too.
Optional and keep a fire extinguisher handy- got a sparkler to put in the top? That might rock.

Just don't party quite til you pass out.

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