Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's that Smell?

Yep, I'm back to the underarms.

So, I was looking at something that would smell really yummy on Etsy, mostly because my awesome friend Brooke uses it, and I trust her judgement,  but I wasn't 100% sure after reading the ingredient list that I was absolutely comfortable with it.
I know you shouldn't believe everything you read online, BUT, when I'm researching the safety of stuff, I generally find a few sites saying "oh no, that causes pterodactylitis" or some such, and decide that chemical isn't one I want to knowingly be rubbing on myself.  In the case of that one, I found two which made me raise an eyebrow.  Salicylic Acid and Propylene Glycol. So I Googled them and here's what I found.
Salicylic acid is used in Proactiv, and has wonderful astringent properties, but is recommended that pregnant women don't ingest it, and some doctors recommend they not rub it on themselves either. Well, I'm not pregnant, but that gives me pause.  
Propylene Glycol was apparently originally developed as an anti-freeze and it's Material Safety Data Sheet says to avoid physical contact with the stuff and that it can cause " eye irritation, skin irritation. Chronic exposure can cause gastro-intestinal disturbances, nausea, headache, vomiting, and central nervous depression."(source)
Well, when I was about twelve I developed a problem with gastro-intestinal disturbances, nausea, headache, and vomiting, so I generally try to avoid things prone to cause those things.  I've been living with these chronic issues long enough that they've reached the age of majority, and in a moment of wishful thinking I pondered if there could be any connection.
Like I said, wishful thinking, but dang it, if there's a chance, I'm going to take it, especially when all that taking it means is not rubbing antifreeze on myself.

So, what does this mean? It very well may mean making my own deodorant. There's a handy dandy tutorial here at Little House in the Suburbs and I'm not entirely sure that this isn't what I'm going to end up doing.
That said, I have found a couple Etsy shops which sell deodorants which don't contain aluminum (yeah, I haven't talked about that much, since that's the ingredient just about everyone knows we're avoiding because it is strongly correlated with Alzheimers) Salicylic Acid, or Propylene Glycol.  

They are:

Elegant Rose Boutique (can you say peppermint vanilla?)
Art Spot  (they're from Corsicana, TX, and I've BEEN THERE!!! *and* there's Apple)
Cheryl Mason's Kitchen  (she uses arrow root which is good for the types with yeast issues)

Let me know if you find some more great options.
And yes, I've checked- JASON and Toms both have Propylene Glycol, and the mineral salts have never worked well for me longterm.

7 reflections:

pshouseblog said...

Just a thought- my mom uses vinegar. Its along the same lines as using it in hair I suppose but she said it works wonders. I don't use anything b/c I can literally taste it in my mouth whenever I even touch it (like on dh's clothes etc) and I hate HATE that.

Tori said...

While I've never used it myself, I have friends who swear by this stuff. Good luck with your search, whatever you choose! I'm not brave enough to take that step yet... still being so big from being a house for a kid last year has made me the queen of sweaty grossness.

Slee said...

vinegar for my underarms sounds like it would HURT, of course, only if one left it on. Hm. I shoudl be getting some raspberry vanilla propylene glycol free deodorant in the mail this week and i'm going to try making my own if it even kinda works out for me. *heres to hoping.*

woodbetony said...

I tried whipping up a batch of the homemade stuff, and I have to say, it WORKS. I mean, at least as well as the propylick nastycol worked before, and I don't worry about my wee one snuggling her head in my pit. It's safe and funk free.

Slee said...

@woodbetony that's awesome! what EO did you use? i've heard some people are foregoing that, but i'd be worried bc i'm reading that the EO is the "active" ingredient so to speak.

tattooed_mummy said...

Salicylic Acid is from Willow Bark, it's what aspirin is made from too ;-) which is why pregnant ladies shouldn't have it, aspirin is bad for babies. Used topically it's either a mild astringent, or a stringer version would burn (like any acid would) and can be used on verruccas.

It's a centuries old remedy

tattooed_mummy said...

stronger , not stringer! d'oh